megan-coxe-web-ready-1Bios are boring, let’s skip right to the Q&A

Q: What is this website? There is nothing here except a few photos.

A: I’m working on that, but for now, enjoy my recent attempts at photography.

Q: So what do you actually do?

A: Good question! I have a Masters in Literatures and Cultures of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. Now, with that great foresight, I am using said degree to create content about the telecommunications, technology, and media industries.

Q: But really, where are the stories?

A: While I’ve published in genres from poetry to non-fiction, I’m working on my novel…slowly.

Bonus material:

Cat enthusiasts please head to Instagram for sporadically updated photos of my pain-in-the-ass cat, Ernest Hemingway (@purrnesthemingway)

For any inquiries, consults, complaints, or invitations to eat pizza, please email Megan [dot] Coxe [at] gmail [dot] com.



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